Return and Refunds

We are aware that the customer value your time and favors services that meet their needs. We care about your satisfaction and so we get to know our return and refund policy.

The customer has the right to exchange or return your product for any withdrawal, defect or nonconformity. But it is important to note that we do not make the exchange if the product has been tampered with or used.

The whole process of withdrawal for refund or product defect, shall only be initiated after receiving and checking the product and its conditions by the Stuffnperfumes.

We are not responsible for their olfactory satisfaction with the product, so be absolutely sure of what is to buy, given that we are always available for any clarification on our products.

This policy extends to all products available in store.

The law states:

Decree-Law No. 82/2008 (old version Decree-Law No. 143/2001)


If you want to cancel the purchase after the product reaches to his hands, has 14 calendar days to notify their withdrawal. Must do so by registered and acknowledgment letter, and not need to supply a reason or compensate the store.

However, the Stuffnperfumes offers more guarantees to customers, and makes the whole process easier.

See how, below.




Withdrawal or repentance: Report will in writing (e-mail) to 15 consecutive days from the receipt of the goods.

Defect: Report will in writing (e-mail) to 15 consecutive days from the receipt of the goods.

Shipping damage: Report the occurrence in writing (e-mail) within 48 hours of receipt of the goods.

For international shipping, it is possible that customs services can open the packaging to check and eventual taxation. In that case the product can reach the customer's home with transport packaging of evidence have been violated. The customer must check carefully, on receipt, if your product is in compliance and no evidence of having been used.

In either case, your contact will get reply with instructions to return and exchange or refund.




If the product conditions for exchange or refund, which will only be confirmed on receipt of the returned product, the Stuffnperfumes send the customer a new product or return the amount paid no later than 10 days counted from the date of arrival of the claimed product .

  In case of withdrawal or repentance will always be made the refund of value, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

  In case of defect or damage ll make transport exchange, free resend a new product, unless otherwise specified by the customer.




The item must be returned as new, in original box, together with the documents and manuals (if any) and a copy of the purchase invoice.

We do not accept returned products that indicate they have already been used.




Transportation costs for exchanges or returns without confirmation defects are the responsibility of the consumer.

The exchange requested by defect or damage sustained in transit is the responsibility of Stuffnperfumes, it will reimburse the customer for the costs incurred with the return when confirms the defect or damage claimed by the customer, which occur up to 10 days after receipt of complaint of target product.


If the order is not delivered because the customer refused to pay the customs fee, Stuffnperfumes return the amount paid for the order to which shall be deducted from the values of the bearings according to the following table:


Lower orders at € 50.00 - Value of prepaid
Orders between € 50.00 and € 100.00 - will be reduced by an amount of € 15.00
Orders over € 100.00 - will be reduced by an amount of € 25.00
Orders over € 300.00 - will be reduced by an amount of € 50.00





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NOTE: Do not be conducting exchanges or returns of products outside of the conditions mentioned above.

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