1. Payment Terms Security Guarantees

The 1.1 forms available payment will be presented in www.stuffnperfumes.com. We do not accept any other payment method than the above.

1.2. You can pay their products using their usual credit and debit cards, through the REDUNICRE payment system, or using your personal PayPal account, or you can pay for your order via EFTPOS, and the website will offer you STUFFNPERFUMES the necessary instructions for this method of payment (entity / reference / Total Amount).

1.3. Payments using credit or debit card, all details (such as the card number, expiration date and security code) will be sent by encrypted protocol to the company that provides the remote electronic payment services, REDUNICRE without third parties having access to the information transmitted. This information will not be used by STUFFNPERFUMES except to perform the necessary operations to buy or reimbursement, return in accordance with the exercise of the right of return, or to the police in cases of fraud.

1.4. If you choose to pay by EFTPOS, just begin the processing of your order after we have approved the payment. Therefore, this mode of payment, we recommend that you contact the Cash machine as soon as possible so that receive your order as soon as possible. Once after 5 calendar days after placing the order, and if we have not approved any payment, the order will be canceled.

1.5. We urge you not to try to make payment by any other means not specified in www.stuffnperfumes.com. If you try, the STUFFNPERFUMES shall not be liable for the loss of payment or any other damages caused by them.

2. Security online store STUFFNPERFUMES and all transactions

2.1. The online store STUFFNPERFUMES uses the latest and robust security technologies available for encryption platforms. All payment information you provide will be encrypted, from the initial time of transaction up to the time the order is processed, and will not be saved in any public server.

2.2. While we use a very evolved encryption software, any payment transmitted over the Internet, or through e-mail, some risk in particular where the client does not take appropriate precautions and assumes proper responsibility ducts.

2.3. The STUFFNPERFUMES shall not be liable for any damages suffered resulting from use of electronic media, in particular for any damage arising from failure or delay in delivery of electronic communications, interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for communications or virus transmission.

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